Prepare your system by installing node.

Install the CLI tool using npm:

npm install -g @ovotech/genesys-web-messaging-tester-cli

Test it has installed properly by running:

web-messaging-tester scripted --help

You should see:

$ web-messaging-tester scripted --help
Usage: web-messaging-tester scripted [options] <filePath>

  filePath                             Path of the YAML test-script file

  -id, --deployment-id <deploymentId>  Web Messenger Deployment's ID
  -r, --region <region>                Region of Genesys instance that hosts the Web Messenger Deployment
  -o, --origin <origin>                Origin domain used for restricting Web Messenger Deployment
  -p, --parallel <number>              Maximum scenarios to run in parallel (default: 1)
  -a, --associate-id                   Associate tests their conversation ID.
                                       This requires the following environment variables to be set for an OAuth client
                                       with the role conversation:webmessaging:view:
                                       GENESYSCLOUD_OAUTHCLIENT_SECRET (default: false)
  -fo, --failures-only                 Only output failures (default: false)
  -t, --timeout <number>               Seconds to wait for a response before
                                       failing the test (default: 10)
  -h, --help                           display help for command

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